The ZEN Ox-herding Pictures

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The path to Enlightment

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An inexhaustible source of the mystical wisdom of Zen

This book is based on “the Ten Ox-Herding Pictures of Zen,” a classic of Zen literature from the 12th century. It counts among the fundamental and essential works of Zen Buddhism. The book portrays the spiritual path to realisation by means of a story, illustrated in picture and verse, of an ox-herder searching for his lost ox – his true self.

Zen Master Zensho’s invaluable annotations are an expression of his enlightened consciousness – exceptionally clear, readily understood and true-to-life. They are highly practical and a unique orientation aid on the path to self-realisation.

These enlightening explanations give us a new opening to a clear understanding of the mystical meaning of the Ten Ox-herding Pictures of Zen.