MP3 (Download): The direct ZEN-Way to Liberation
  • MP3 (Download): The direct ZEN-Way to Liberation

MP3 (Download): The direct ZEN-Way to Liberation

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A profound wisdom which transforms and liberates

In this audiobook we feel the absolute directness and freedom of Zen. With clear words that expose each illusion, Zen Master Zensho captures the essence in a nutshell. He shows us the mirror of our true being, and in it we recognise our constantly present buddha-nature, our original, true self. His clear words are filled with such spiritual force that they touch us at our very deepest. Here, the logic of our conceptual, discriminating thinking is often profoundly shaken so that we can grasp the truth beyond all words.

In a clear and lively way, Zensho shows us a direct path to spiritual realisation and, by means of authentic Zen-anecdotes and quotes, he brings to life the old masters of Zen. With Zenistic consistency, everything is swept away so that we are able to reach liberation of the mind beyond our limited intellectual logic and can experience the state of pure awareness.


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Zensho W. Kopp