MP3 (Download): Lao-Tse Tao Te King (english)

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The Book of Tao and Spiritual Force

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The 2500 year old Tao Te King by the Chinese sage Lao-Tse is a jewel of Eastern wisdom. It is counted among the most profound and most translated books of world literature. In deep, mystical language of incomparable imagery, the Tao Te King speaks of the Tao, the divine origin of all existence, and its spiritual force in man. Its intention is to lead him back to the original oneness with the Tao, and so into harmony with the all-embracing wholeness of existence. In this outstanding new transcription, Zen Master Zensho has wonderfully succeeded in portraying the entire mystical expressive force of this work whilst strictly adhering to the original sense, and thus opening up a completely new, profounder dimension. A timeless book of unique mystical fullness and linguistic beauty.


Zensho W. Kopp